Shared Intelligence for improving the Environnement
of construction or industrial operations


In a context of demographic growth and increased urban settlement, contractors, industrial and infrastructure operators as well as local governments must contribute to living better together.

Our solutions for shared intelligence, based on IoT and Artificial Intelligence, help these actors manage the impact of their operations on the environment and on human health.

They promote objective information, integrate dialog and feedback between stakeholders for a more serene and timely operation.


Smart Environmental Monitoring

Our smart sensors strategically positioned on your operation identify and localise sources of disturbance (noise, gas/dust, disturbances to traffic and mobility)
A responsive web platform analyses in real time these recordings and warns operation managers if authorised thresholds are exceeded.
The Com'in consumer mobile application provides operations managers with feedback about neighbours' perceived nuisance. When sensors confirm neighbour reports, operations managers are notified.
Operation managers can make better informed decisions about the way to conduct their project.

Neighbour Information

Operation managers fill in a web-based calendar of the future works that may cause disturbances to the neighbourhood.
Local residents are kept informed about the works on the operation in their vicinity.
When disturbances can be anticipated, neighbours are more likely to accept operations close to their homes.

Environmental consulting

Our team of construction and data analysis professionals can assist you with their expertise.
We draft a diagnosis before the start of your operation and provide recommendations on preventative measures as well as corrective measures during the lifetime of your project.

Personal smart sensor

We are currently developing wearable and/or portable solutions to monitor in real-time individual exposure to various pollutants.
By identifying chemical compounds present in the air, persons who are potentially exposed may be better protected.

Real-time smart monitoring

Our smart sensors monitor all spaces in your facility (office areas, meeting rooms, cafeterias etc.) and record the parameters influencing indoor air quality (gases - CO2, O3, Volatile Organic Compounds - VOCs, particulate matter - PM) and comfort (noise, temperature and humidity) in real-time.
Employees or users of your facilities can report their perceived comfort thanks to the Com'in mobile application. Their feedback is linked to recordings from the sensors so that Facility Management staff can take measures to improve perceived comfort.
These recordings are sent and analysed on the NuisAlgo platform. In case set thresholds are exceeded, Facility Management staff are informed or specific corrective measures are activated (water diffuser, air purifier, ventilation etc.)
Our platform automatically generates weekly reports with which you can track how each indicator evolves over time.

Indoor environment consulting

As well as-real time recordings and automatic weekly reports generated by the NuisAlgo platform, our team can assist you with an in-depth study of the inside air quality of your facilities.
You will acquire an in-depth understanding of the parameters influencing the indoor air quality and the levers at your disposal to help you improve it for everyone's wellbeing.
Our recommendations may also apply to an effort for improving your energy efficiency.



Rubix SI becomes our exclusive partner for the constant improvement of the environment through managing air pollutants (particulate matter, dust, gas, volatile organic compounds and smells).


Com’in has finalised the acquisition of Météo des Chantiers, thus marking an important step in the development of Com’in’s global disturbance management offer by adding to it neighbour information.

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« Our territory must stay attractive thanks to major infrastructure projects while maintaining our residents’ quality of life.

Monitoring and managing disturbances is a major challenge for the Principality so as to ensure both objectives are met. »

Public Works Director

« Your solution could be integrated to public lighting and traffic lights, especially in large areas. This would enable real-time monitoring of works thanks to sensors placed and powered through lamp posts. »




« ADP group must adopt innovative solutions in order to increase the capacity of its infrastructure while simultaneously reducing the impact on the environment and disturbances for local residents. »


Corporate VC






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