About us

Com’in is a startup from the Bouygues Group Corporate Entrepreneurship programme founded in 2019

Our vision

In a context of demographic growth and increased urban settlement, contractors, industrial and infrastructure operators as well as local governments must contribute to living better together.

Our solutions for shared intelligence, based on IoT and Artificial Intelligence, help these actors manage the impact of their operations on the environment and on human health.

They promote objective information, integrate dialog and feedback between stakeholders for a more serene and timely operation.

Our history

February 2018

Annoyed with the Grand Paris Express disruptions at the Issy station, local residents dumped a sofa on the construction site


April 2018

Laurent Mareuge, Works Director of the T3A section of the Grand Paris Express metro, submits the idea of “an algorithm to better control the nuisances emitted by construction sites » at Bouygues’ Corporate Entrepreneurship Challenge “Innovate like a Startup”. 

January 2019

Com’in wins the Inno’Cup 2018, Bouygues Construction’s innovation competition.

May 2019

The start-up joined the Bouygues Group Corporate Entrepreneurship programme and was financed in equal parts by Bouygues Construction and Colas. Beginning of software developments.

October 2019

The solution was rolled out on three initial projects.

November 2019

Com’in won the Public Works trophy awarded by Le Moniteur and the French National Public Works Federation in the “Start-up” category.

January 2020

Com’in signed a contract with the Principality of Monaco

September 2020

Com’in was awarded the Construction Trophy in the “Digital Solution for Construction Sites” category by Batiactu and SMABTP. Com’in also won the Netexplo Change Award in the Corporate and Social Responsibility category.

November 2020

Framework contracts signed with SNCF Réseau and Société du Grand Paris.

March 2021

Com’in is recognized as an innovation by the Considerate Constructor Scheme in the UK on the HQ3 site.

July 2021

Com’in is incorporated as a subsidiary of the Bouygues Group

Management team

Laurent Mareuge


Sebastien Laboureau


Frédéric Brandt


Jessica Gbegnon

Head of Sales

Jessica Gbegnon

Head of Finance

Jessica Gbegnon

Software Lead

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