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Air quality Monitoring


Construction of a station for the future Grand Paris Express metro in the North of Paris and boring of a tunnel in a formerly industrial area


Duration : 36 months


The soil that is being processed may contain petrol derivatives and more specifically benzene that can be toxic for local populations as well as for employees on the worksite. Even though none was detected in exploratory core sampling, the contractor was concerned this chemical substance could be released in the atmosphere.

Need to monitor dust and particulate matter, odour and gases as well as the soil may be polluted from previous use.


Need : track dust, particles, odors and gases.

Com’in solutions

We installed WT1 Air quality monitors connected to the NuisAlgo platform. The platform has been configured to send out an alert to the Com’in team and the construction manager in case the PID sensor exceeds thresholds for any of the chemicals it identifies (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene).

If the threshold is exceeded, the exact nature of the pollutant will be confirmed by an on-site test with a chemical reagent specific to benzene.


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